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Realising potential for savings

For fasteners (C-parts), the ratio between processing costs and part price is imbalanced: Fasteners only amount to 20 % of the volume of purchases but generate 80 % of the procurement costs. In other words: The unit price is low while procurement is expensive. Analyses show that a 50 % cost saving is possible when economical supply systems (Kanban) are implemented.


Bundling services and saving costs

As an international service provider for fastening, assembly and system technology, we have the know-how and means for economical procurement and logistics. With the ECOSIT® service package, we take over the entire supply chain for our customers: Material planning, procurement, quality checks, stockkeeping and internal distribution of goods to the production line. Every ECOSIT® system is an individual customer solution based on partnership cooperation with our customers. Apart from an increase in efficiency and cost savings, we focus our services on highest quality and transparency.


Kanban (Jap. 看板, Engl. Card) was developed at Toyota in Japan in the 1970s. Kanban-Systems help companies to plan and control their production. Kanban-systems are one of the oldest methods to control productions in the world.
Kanban-systems aim low stocks accompanying with an improvement of delivery performance.


ECOSIT® - Higher efficiency is only three steps away

Specific requirements and individual wishes of our customers are the top priorities upon the introduction of an ECOSIT® supply system. Cooperation with our customers is divided into three steps:

As-is analysis
The current customer situation is evaluated on site. Developed structures, individual processes and basic conditions with respect to logistics and data processing are taken into account.

Project phase

In cooperation with our customer, our experts form a team that integrates all affected operative sections. The results produced as a team are the foundations for the action plan for customer-specific implementation of ECOSIT®.

First of all, the customer executes rough material planning for the parts to be covered by ECOSIT®. Past demands or a demand forecast regarding production planning serve as a basis.
We determine a minimum stock for each article which is automatically reserved for this customer. Of course, this is a dynamic process: Data of rough material planning serve as a starting point. The basis for further material planning is the actual consumption. Only in case of fundamental changes in demand, for example due to new production profiles or modified industrial capacity utilisation is customer information required.

Higher efficiency
With the aim to simplify processes, optimally realise potentials and a 100 % operating security, ECOSIT® includes all operative processes.


Customer-specific ECOSIT® systems

ECOSIT® comprises different forms of logistics. Adapted to the corresponding article and customer requirements, the most appropriate solution is realised. In all cases is a demand-oriented and safe supply guaranteed to ensure 100 % availability.

Our C-part management systems

  • ECOSIT® RFID Bin – Innovative Kanban system

    RFID Bin – Innovative Kanban system

    The system is simple and reliable, because all the relevant data is saved on the RFID tags of the container labels to ensure prompt delivery. As soon as a container becomes empty, it is placed in a collecting bin positioned beside the rack. The data is automatically read off the RFID tags and transmitted to Böllhoff's ERP system.
    This process takes just a few seconds and requires no manual intervention, which means that deliveries can be made much faster and with much greater flexibility than in the past.

  • ECOSIT® RFID Box – Quickly installed KANBAN system

    RFID Box – Quickly installed KANBAN system

    All relevant data are saved on the RFID-labels. If a bin nearly is empty, the label will be dropped into the RFID Box. Now the order is released and transmitted to Böllhoff. The RFID Box is installed very quickly and easily.  There must only be  a connection to electricity available.

  • SingleBin – Single bin Kanban system

    SingleBin – Single bin Kanban system

    Per article, there is one bin on the customer's shelf. Before the stock is consumed, we refill the bins within agreed intervals.

  • MultiBin – Multi bin Kanban system

    MultiBin – Multi bin Kanban system

    For one article, there are two or more bins on the customer's shelf. If one bin is empty, with the next delivery, we replace this bin with a refilled bin. In the meantime, the customer uses the still existing stock.

  • ShelfScan – Kanban with scanner technology

    ShelfScan – Kanban with scanner technology

    With a hand-held scanner, our customers capture the required demand. Data transmission is executed fast and easily via modem - directly to our enterprise resource planning.

  • ScanCard – Bin-free C-parts management

    ScanCard – Bin-free C-parts management

    Supply is controlled with a Kanban card and executed without bins. We deliver the packed goods to a determined unloading point.


All benefits at a glance

  • Individual customer solutions
  • Reduced number of suppliers
  • Optimised internal processes
  • Reduced planning and controlling effort
  • 100 % readiness to deliver
  • Highest quality according to ISO/TS 16949:2002
  • Reduced stock, storage area and capital lockup
  • Application engineering support
  • Online query and evaluation ECOLINE
  • Simplified stocktaking according to § 240 f. HGB (German Commercial Code, Handelsgesetzbuch)
  • Future-proof



The German company BOGE Kompressoren from Bielefeld benefits from innovative RFID-technology

Markus Hahn, Purchaser at BOGE

Markus Hahn, Purchaser at BOGE, approves: "The RFID-technology provided by Böllhoff is the contemporary alternative to barcode scanning of empty bins".

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