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Tolerance compensation

FLEXITOL® tolerance compensation systems were developed to compensate tolerances with economical assembly solutions and thus ensure a safe sequence in series production.



Not only in the automotive industry do production processes based on modular construction succeed.
Here, individual components are supplied to the assembler where they only have to be assembled.
To ensure flawless series production certain tolerances are assumed. The automatic tolerance compensation system FLEXITOL® provides a technically and economically optimised solution.


Tolerance compensation consists of an adjustment element and a fastening element.
The element is mounted into the receiving part. This can be realised in different ways (e. g. insertion and twisting or insertion and riveting).
The adjustment element is connected to a fastening element via a left-hand thread.
By screwing in the fastening element, the adjustment element is screwed out to the bearing face.
After that, the screw is screwed in again.
The compensation distance between receiving part and mounting part is thus compensated automatically and steplessly.

An animated representation of different installation procedures is provided on the right.


Your benefits

Customer benefits – FLEXITOL®
  • Compensation of greater production tolerances
  • Unaffected quality of the final product
  • High performance reliability
  • Only one-sided accessibility
  • Easy integration of customer components

Product types

Different ranges of use present different requirements and require application-optimised tolerance compensation systems.

Currently, there are three FLEXITOL® types.

  • FLEXITOL® metal
  • FLEXITOL® hybrid
  • FLEXITOL® plastic
FLEXITOL® metal FLEXITOL® hybrid FLEXITOL® plastic
High stability ++ ++
Small installation space ++ ++
Large number of pieces + ++ ++
Low weight + ++
High temperature resistance ++ +
Mounting in plastic + ++
Recycling ++ + ++


The two-piece system is highly wear-resistant and can very well be retrofitted.
Manual adjustment for re-adjustment is possible as well.
The adjustment element can also be installed in solid material.

The fastening element is available in different designs.
Assembly is easy due to approved blind rivet technology.

FLEXITOL® hybrid
FLEXITOL® hybrid

FLEXITOL® hybrid is a multi-component system mainly designed for use in large-scale production. Due to its modular construction, a variation of different inserted heights and tolerance compensation dimensions may easily be implemented.

To ensure high force transmission, the force transmitting components are made of metal. They are enclosed by a nut cage made of plastic.
Fastening is executed via the integrated blind rivet nut which can also be replaced with alternative connections (e. g. clips).

FLEXITOL® plastic

FLEXITOL® plastic for self-tapping screws

FLEXITOL® plastic

The two-piece FLEXITOL® plastic is screwed into the mounting hole of the component. Connection with the bayonet method is also possible. For this method, FLEXITOL® plastic has to be inserted into a keyhole-shaped receiving opening and locked with a quarter turn.

FLEXITOL® plastic for metric screws

FLEXITOL® plastic for metric screws

Your benefits

  • Considerably reduced assembly times due to the bayonet connection
  • Cost-effectiveness due to the use of standard screws
  • High performance reliability
  • Alternative connection with K’ in K’ (plastic in plastic) design available


Possible applications in the automotive industry

Installation of

  • Headlights
  • Wings
  • Door frames
  • Dash panels
  • Roof rails

Possible applications in general industry

air conditioning technology

Installation of

  • Machine housings
  • Drawer slides
  • Cabin coverings (in commercial vehicles)
  • Drive units (washing machines)

washing machine
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FLEXITOL® K' in K' – tolerance compensation made of plastic

FLEXITOL® metal – tolerence compensation

FLEXITOL® hybrid – tolerence compensation

FLEXITOL® plastic – tolerence compensation


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